Our Jo2Go is a full-sized, full-voiced banjo that is virtually indestinguishable from any fine traditional banjo. It has a voice that places it amongst the finest sounding banjos. The 5 String version weighs only 4-1/2 pounds and folds to a previously unheard of 18 inches! 

Taking a plane? Throw the Jo2Go in your carry-on bag, pad it with a few socks and undies, and you're on your way!

The banjos are crafted to the original designs and specifications of John and Peter Sloan with a continued emphasis on quality.

BAN 6008 Altered.jpg


Feast your eyes on this. Years of research went into what can easily be known as the most visually dynamic and audibly distinctive tone ring we have ever offered. Nobody else in the industry has anything like it.
Its called the Banshee after the zither banjo. Here it is paired up with a new plectrum instrument.


Solid Neck (Classic Banjo)

Sloan Banjos creates a full line of traditional Banjos, in either 4, 5 or 6 stings, with or without resonators, in many different neck lengths and number of frets. 

We offer different wood selections for the neck, while our rims are traditionally Maple hardwood. We also offer different numbers of hook and shoe configurations. 

Do you need a specific type of Banjo? Contact us and we can design and customize to your specification or ours.....


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